Our Process

Our Process Drives Perfection

At Mary’s Painting, we have a long history of specializing in repainting.  Repainting is different than merely painting.  Any company can brush paint onto blank walls in a newly constructed house.  We specialize in environments where people live and work.  We have to care for our customer’s possessions and make sure the project is in better shape than when we began.  And if something goes wrong, you can be sure that we will stand behind our reputation and make it right. We only hire the best in Northwest Arkansas.  We background and drug test to make sure that our customer have confidence when they hire us.  At Mary’s Painting, we follow these steps to ensure that the project is perfect.

  • Estimate it correctly
  • Prepare the project
  • Paint it right
  • Clean up and restore


Estimate it correctly

We make sure the project is well scoped

Every project is different.  And every project needs to be estimated in-person.  We do not estimate, we quote.  And then we stick with it.  When you need a quote, we will coem out in person and walk through the project with you.  Let us know exactly what you are wanting and we will take careful notes to ensure that it is included and completed.  Before we leave, we will print you out a quote so you can review, decide, and call us back later.


Prepare the project

We take care of your possessions

This is where most painters rush.  It is important to slow down, cover every piece of furniture, tape off every line, cover against overspray, and make sure the project is ready to begin.  When a painter does their job right, they spend as long on prep-work as they do on painting.    We move the furniture, cover it, spread drop cloths, remove outlets, and caulk holes and cracks.  All of this ensures that your walls and trim look perfect when we leave.


Paint it right

Straight lines matter

Almost all painters can operate a roller, or a sprayer.  We focus on the details, like straight lines when cutting in a wall.  And always cutting a wall and rolling a wall at the same time.  These, and a hundred other tips, are why our projects finish with no drips, overspray, or noticeable lines.  Most people think that anyone can paint.  But, you can always tell who knows how to do it right.


Clean up and restore

We clean up after ourselves

This is when we remove all the plastic and tape.  We put all the furniture back where it goes, and we place the outlet covers back where they go.  (Without cracking any, which is almost impossible.)  We leave any touch up paint for the customer so they can always reference it later.  We do one final walk through to make sure we have not over sprayed or gotten paint anywhere it does not belong.  We promise to leave every project more beautiful than when we started.

Request a Quote!

Let us come out and give you a free quote.  We promise to be prompt and professional.